Through the presence of the internet, I’ve been called many different things. From “The Singing Dad,” to “Vocal Bae” and then “The Love soldier,” I’ve grown to accept a few different nicknames. But I introduce my art under one name, and that’s Dave Love.

          I’m a versatile RnB singer from Cleveland, Ohio with a poetic arithmetic to tell stories that people not only love to hear but ones that they can relate to mentally and emotionally. As a songwriter, I’ve focused my efforts on relaying the messages that a lot of people are thinking and just don’t have a song for it. This distinct trait is what makes my lyrics and song caliber stand out, compared to different RnB songs and artists of today. With my instrumental background in music, I’ve learned to play piano, along with a few other instruments, which gives producing a different feel for me. My versatility also includes the ability to rap in any hip-hop environment, while lyrically making sense with creativity and story-telling.

          I first took the internet by storm with a video of my son and I singing a song which would later
grow to be the biggest song of my career to date, “Dreamer”. The video raced through social media,
getting over 37.5k retweets and 46.4k likes. After seeing the reactions from Twitter and Instagram, I
released the song as a single, where it became my first song to reach over 1million streams on Spotify. I
re-released a live version of the song on my first EP, “Goldmine part 1” which also included fan favorites
like “WIGD” and “Perfect Timing”.

          But the social media attraction didn’t stop there. I started doing covers of popular songs and
artists for fun just to give my fans more to listen to and it gained the attention of a few different big
names. The first big grab was The ShadeRoom. I made “ShadeRoom jingle” for them that they loved so
much that they reposted it. That repost got the attention of Chris Brown, who followed me and has
been following me ever since. That led to me covering one of his songs and him commenting that we
needed to work together. I did a cover of “Walk on Water” by Eminem and Beyoncé, and Eminem
reposted my cover on his page! That shout-out alone from one hip hops living legends came with a mass
amount of followers, reposts, DJ Khalid following, and a bunch of different artists looking to work with me.

          I’ve released 3 projects through all of the different digital streaming service platforms and on
every project, the opportunity to build my fan base grows larger. Being formally addressed as “Love
Soldierz” I’ve gained supporters from all across the world. The way I see it, music is a universal language,
and I thrive off of the ability to be able to speak to so many people!

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